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The After Dark Podcast is a deep dive into the most interesting and whack true crime cases and conspiracy theories hosted by Zac King and Lily Ponnuthurai! Join us multiple times per week for our shenanigans!

Zac King


As a young boy Zac would watch many horror movies, and while some may say that that's bad for a child, he sure did turn out... okay. Since a young age he's had a fascination with film making and the work behind it, and has written and directed short films such as The Lights Were On, Prom of the Dead and Room 134.


In 2014, he began work managing a haunted house called The Factory of Fear in Hamilton Ontario, dressing as a fat man in a pig mask, and designing sets and attractions such as the Horror Movie Hall of Fame and Serial Killer Hall of Fame. In 2019, Zac was given the opportunity to purchase the business and has ran it since.

Lily Ponnuthurai

As a kid Lily spent a lot of time at her Gramma’s house. They would hang out and watch TV, mainly crime shows, while Gramma nursed her watered down, basic Bloody Mary. CSI, NCIS, Castle, Bones, and (sometimes) Criminal Minds were the main ones they would watch. These shows triggered her interest in forensics and understanding the mind of a killer. She never did anything with these interests, instead going to college for photography. But it was the hour long bus rides to campus that got her into listening to true crime podcasts and really learning about some of the “bigger” serial killers and lesser known cases. If she had to pick a case that intrigues her the most, she would definitely say the Zodiac Killer (Ted Cruz). So many questions, so many theories. Ed Gein is up there too because, well, nipple-belt.

Lily really likes trying to understand the psychology behind murders and even took a psychology and criminology course in college as her electives. Although two courses doesn’t make her an expert, she likes to think it does. She will continuously mention the brain injury theory, and try to remember anything she can from those courses. She is really enjoying doing this podcast with Zac, and hopes that you enjoy listening!

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